Cipher Connect

A single Platform for managing all your bank accounts

Cipher Connect offers a comprehensive connected banking solution that enables various financial institutions, including Corporates, MFIs, MSMEs, and NBFCs to streamline their financial operations.

  • Single Platform : Cipher Connect provides a unified platform where users from different financial entities can link all their accounts. This consolidation likely simplifies the overall management of financial activities.
  • Funds Management : Enables efficient management of funds, including transfers, disbursements, and tracking.
  • Payouts : Facilitates seamless initiation and management of payouts (e.g., salaries, vendor payments).
  • Transaction History : Provides a comprehensive view of past financial activities for tracking and auditing.
  • MIS (Management Information System): Offers insights and reports for informed decision-making.
  • Balance Enquiry : Offers insights and reports for informed decision-making.

Encrypted Payment !

with Cipherpay Payment Solutions Platform