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Empower Your Business with seamless UPI Payments.

It open’s some new avenues for the MSME, Startups, Corporates, NBFC’s and MFIs to accept payments in their bank accounts form different sources via UPI by setting up a Virtual Private Address (VPA).

Convenience: UPI transactions are known for their ease of use. Setting up a VPA provides a straightforward method for customers to make payments directly into a corporate account.

Versatility: Accepting payments via UPI allows businesses to receive funds from various sources, including individuals and other businesses, fostering flexibility in payment methods.

Security: UPI transactions typically come with robust security measures, ensuring that the payment process is safe for both the payer and the payee.

Reduced Transaction Costs: Depending on the pricing model, UPI transactions have lower fees compared to traditional payment methods, potentially saving businesses money on transaction costs.

Faster Settlements: UPI transactions often have quicker settlement times compared to other payment methods, providing businesses with faster access to their funds

Cipher UPI Collect
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